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FSSE 2015 Institutional Report is Ready!

19,000 faculty from more than 130 institutions in the U.S. participated in FSSE 2015.
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New FSSE Webinar

Check out the latest FSSE webinar for an overview of the updated FSSE survey, and information about registration, administration, reporting, and resources.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any institution that participated in NSSE in the current or prior year may administer FSSE to their faculty. Looking at faculty responses to FSSE items can help contextualize student responses to NSSE.

FSSE in Action

Using NSSE and FSSE on Luther’s campus has helped focus and change the types of conversations we’re having. It has helped us think about learning and student engagement in ways that are new and different for us."

Jon Christy, Director of Assessment and Institutional Research, Luther College

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Percent of time engineering faculty report spending on research and scholarly work.

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Findings from the most recent NSSE, FSSE, and BCSSE administrations


Information that can be used to improve various aspects of institutional performance