2009 Other Teaching and Learning Results: Learning and Technology

SPSS Syntax: Course-Based or Typical-Student data

In 2009, additional questions about the types of technologies faculty and students commonly use were administered to 12,000 faculty members at 50 institutions. Of the 50 institutions, 18 chose to also administer a similar extra item set to their student populations. The bar chart below highlights a set of questions that asked faculty and students to identify the method of communication most often used to interact with one another.
On average, four out of five students and nearly all faculty (94%) chose to use low-tech methods (e.g. email or face-to-face) to communicate with each other. Over a third of faculty and students report frequently using a discussion board or course management system to interact; however, other informal methods of communication such as text messaging, social networking sites, and instant messaging are rare.

Bar chart 1: Methods of communication among faculty and students