2009 Faculty time spent on selected teaching practices

SPSS Syntax: Course-Based data

SPSS Syntax: Typical-Student data


This table represents the percentage of class time faculty devote to various teaching practices disaggregated by the disciplinary area of their selected course. Institutions using course-based data may also examine differences produced by whether the selected course meets a general education requirement. Although the typical-student option does not ask about general education status, highlighting differences by the level of students that faculty typically teach may also produce results that foster dialogue on campus.
According to the table below, on average, a faculty member spends two-fifths of his or her class time lecturing, about 15% on small group work, and one-tenth on experiential activities such as labs and field work. The remainder of his or her time may be spent on a variety of other activities (e.g., instructor-led discussions, student presentations).

Table 1: Percentage of class time faculty spend on lecturing, small group work, and experiential activities by disciplinary area of the selected course

Disciplinary differences are also observed.  For example: