2008 Other Teaching and Learning Results: Deep Approaches to Learning

Differences in emphasis on deep approaches to learning by academic discipline

Reproduce illustration using Course-Based data
Reproduce illustration using Typical-Student data

Emphasis on Deep Learning is a combination of 3 sub-scales (higher-order learning, integrative learning, and reflective learning) that measures the extent to which a particular course taught by a faculty member emphasized activities that promote higher level thinking, reflecting on one’s own learning, and incorporating information and ideas from multiple sources into one’s own thinking and work. The table below presents differences in the level of emphasis on deep learning by subject area for the FSSE Course-Based survey option.

Faculty members tend to emphasize deep learning and its sub-components at various degrees across academic discipline. For example, faculty who teach courses in the Arts and Humanities emphasize deep learning more often than their colleagues in the Physical Science. However, it is important to point out that many faculty in each academic discipline emphasize deep approaches to learning frequently.
The same patterns hold true for the Typical Student survey option. Notice, however, that the averages are lower. For this option, the orientation of the items is different; faculty members are reporting their perception of student behaviors rather than their own classroom practices.